In 2015, Fight for Peace began running the Safer Communities Programme (SCP) in Kingston, Jamaica. The SCP uses collective impact methodology to integrate multiple services and actors in urban violence hotspots where capacity and resources are scarce. Via a local team based in Kingston, Fight for Peace acts as a backbone organisation working alongside local stakeholders to collaborate on youth violence reduction programming.



Over three years a series of projects will be designed based on the Fight for Peace Five Pillars, and involving more partners from across sectors over time. The Fight for Peace team in Jamaica will act as the backbone organisation.

The programme is open to all young people, aged 7-29, living in communities affected by violence, but includes a focus on those young people who are the most entrenched and involved in violence.

All partnerships and activities developed within the Fight for Peace programme in Jamaica are aligned to a shared agenda, employ shared metrics and are based on a shared Theory of Change.

Fight for Peace in Jamaica

Fight for Peace has been active in Jamaica since 2014 when eleven partners were selected to take part in our training programme. These partners were selected based on their access to young people involved in or affected by violence, their commitment to adapt Fight for Peace’s sport for development model for the Jamaican context and their willingness to collaborate to increase their effectiveness and sustainability. All partners were trained in Fight for Peace’s methodology at the Rio Academy and underwent a year of capacity building consultancy. These organisations subsequently maintained contact with one another and Fight for Peace and have piloted collaborative activities across their programmes.

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