Adapting our work to continue supporting
young people at this unprecedented time
Documenting our impact and celebrating the achievements
of our young people across our global work in 2019
2019 Annual Report
Supporting young people to realise their full potential
through an integrated Five Pillars methodology
Fight for
Peace Alliance
A community of organisations from 25 countries
around the world working together for peace
COLLECTIVE IMPACT Integrating multiple services and actors in support of
young people and communities in Kingston, Jamaica

Our Mission

Our mission is to realise the potential of young people in communities affected by crime and violence.

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Rayane Soares

Receptionist, Rio Academy

“Fight for Peace represents opportunity for all young people in the community.”

Shamus Campbell

Judo participant, London Academy

"My self-belief in sport has changed tremendously since joining Fight for Peace."

Aba Abubakar

Employability mentee, London Academy

"Fight for Peace is like my home. You can’t describe the way people get treated here."

Giliard Antônio

Boxing athlete, Rio Academy

“I used to feel lost in the world, but joining Fight for Peace was like a light turning on.”