Last week we were super excited to receive a visit from BAFTA Award winning actor Micheal Ward!

Micheal came down to our Academy in North Woolwich to experience first hand some of the sessions we deliver, and meet the young people that make the environment at Fight for Peace so special.

We were fortunate that this was the second visit Micheal has paid us, as, on a trip to Jamaica earlier this year, he spent time with young people and coaches from the UP Unity & Peace Collective programme, which is coordinated by Fight for Peace.

During his latest visit, Micheal was taken on a full tour of our London Academy facilities by young people, and participated in a Lutadoras personal development session – a weekly meeting and safe and empowering space for young women at Fight for Peace. 

Micheal and Lucy joining our Lutadoras! Photo credit: @99CLIQS

“Micheal Ward is a very humble person. He gives a really positive energy towards his surroundings and he is also very intriguing.”

Head of the Fight for Peace Youth Council Fahmida Sultana

“He really showed a lot of interest in Fight for Peace and was willing to ask many questions to know more information. It was really great to have him with us, his energy and what he does is very inspiring.”

The 24 year old, who was born in Jamaica and grew up in east London, also had the chance to see part of a boxing and Brazilian jiu jitsu class and checked in on a Man Talk session – a space where young men from Fight for Peace meet to discuss a range of things affecting our lives. 

“We really enjoyed hanging out with Micheal,” said Fight for Peace Academy Director Jean-Pierre Moore. “He took part in a typical day at the Academy, joining our Lutadoras session and then engaged with our Man Talk group session, before getting a flavour of our sports sessions.”

Photo credit: @99CLIQS

“Micheal’s energy was really well received, our young people took him in as one of their own! It was beautiful to see him answering questions on how to overcome challenges and giving advice on what has motivated him through his own journey to success. Everyone at the Academy is feeling inspired and looking forward to seeing him again!” added Jean-Pierre

We would like to say a huge thank you to Micheal for the time he spent with us, the energy he brought and the approach he took to sharing experiences and advice with us, we enjoyed it so much!!

Thank you also to Lucy Macnamara and her company Do Good. Well, for making the visit possible and for joining Micheal at our Academy. You are always welcome to come and spend some more time with us, and we can’t wait to see you back to Fight for Peace very soon!

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