21/04/2020 – Amidst extremely challenging times for us all, we are delighted to be able to share with you our 2019 Annual Report. The achievements of our members and staff across our Academies, Alliance and Safer Communities Programmes in 2019 give us cause for great optimism as we move forward into our third decade.

Our annual report details the impact generated by Fight for Peace in 2019. In it we celebrate the collective efforts and achievements of our young people, staff and partners, highlight results of the projects and initiatives delivered over the course of last year, present our new facilities, detail the communities into which we have expanded and the new and existing partner organisations with whom we have collaborated, shared methodology and delivered support.Screenshot 2020-04-21 at 13.40.38

Also highlighted are the local and international fora and summits we’ve participated on, the awards we’ve been honoured to receive, and the many visits – from Olympians, professional combat sports athletes, executives and Members of Parliament – that we’ve been delighted to host.

The results detailed in our 2019 Annual Report would simply not be possible without the dedicated hard work of our young people and staff and the continued, generous support of our many wonderful supporters. So, as we invite you to read about our impact in 2019, we express our enormous gratitude to those who enable this work to take place.

To read the report in full click here.