Youth leadership at Fight for Peace has a brand new name and identity in the form of Youth Power! This comes as a new group of young people have come together to revolutionise how young people influence the direction Fight for Peace takes and the decisions it makes. 

Youth leadership has been long established at Fight for Peace and is a vital part of how young people are supported to develop their skills, experience and confidence. 

At this historic moment we asked Amet, one of Youth Power’s founding members, to share his thoughts on how the group came about and what his hopes are for its development:

Amet, how would you describe Youth Power?

Youth Power is a group that is created by young people that helps young people’s voice to be heard. It brings a bridge between staff members and young people so that they can understand each other. 

Youth Power’s first focus group with staff members took place last week

What have you been focusing on in the group up to now?

So far we have been around and asked young people’s opinions on things that they think could be better at Fight for Peace. We got a lot of feedback from them and we told the staff members. One of the things we said that we wanted was snacks and fruits and they are working on that now. Another thing was keeping Fight for Peace open over summer and that’s another thing that has now been taken forward and staff are working on it too.

How many people are in Youth Power?

There are seven founders of the group and there are other young people who are not regular but come when they can – taking the numbers to 12.

We are curious, how did you come up with the name?

The name was so long, we didn’t agree on nothing at the start! We had so many ideas, people even suggested Avengers! Zaynab and Tommy came up with the idea of Youth Power. We did a poll with all of the names and people selected what they liked best. Youth Power got the most votes.

And, final question, what are your hopes for the future of Youth Power?

I want Youth Power to get bigger with more people joining or where everyone comes and shares their ideas without fear. I want it to be something that people want to do, not need to do. I am hoping that Youth Power stays here forever! 

The Youth Power group is always looking for new people to get involved. If you are a young person and want to find out more just ask a member of staff or drop us a DM on Instagram.

A few members of Youth Power gather for their weekly meeting

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