At Fight for Peace, our values (Champion, Solidarity, Embracing, Inspiring and Courage) lie at the heart of what we do in supporting young people in our communities to realise their full potential. These values are also key in allowing us to create a positive and inclusive environment for young people and staff to grow, learn, and accomplish goals together.

To kick off the new year we teamed up with our Young Creatives to record interviews with some of our members and get their insight on several topics, including what our values mean to them as individuals.

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Host, Promise finds our what our values mean to athlete, Kal.

We dedicate ourselves to being the best in everything we do, and that’s what Champion means to us as an organisation. But what does it mean to the young people that make it?

“When you hear Champion, it makes you feel good! Because you’ve achieved all those hardships, and all the hard work helps you to become the person you are – a Champion. I believe that title itself hits hard once it’s gained,” shared Kal, who attends boxing, muay thai and MMA at Fight for Peace.

Kal’s teammate, Igor shares his Champion mindset, explaining that for him, to be a Champion is when “you know how to lose, but you always aim to win.”

We are lucky to be able to work with so many inspiring young people who demonstrate strong Champion mindsets – and there’s so much we can learn from them.

Next up is Embracing! Which muay thai athlete Mo defines as “accepting people, challenges and change,” while Kal believes it’s “being presented with a tough moment or situation in your life that you can work past and overcome. The hardships we face help us become who we are.”

We wholeheartedly agree, and believe in a society without exclusion – meaning everybody is welcome at Fight for Peace! We are proud to say that this is one of the things that make this place so special! We also hope to inspire those around us and be inspired by them, and it’s true that our members are Inspiring us and those around them everyday with their strength and will to achieve and overcome adversity.

“Inspiring is to be inspired, to get to a dream, a goal – and I believe inspiring gets you that dream and inspires you to work hard.”


While Igor defined it as “showing other people it doesn’t matter where they come from or their background they always can achieve something they put their mind to.”

And it takes Courage to inspire others, that’s why at Fight for Peace we work where there is need and we are proud to stand up for peace. Kal explained that Courage “is what helps us get through when things get tough. Courage is a great value. Be brave, don’t give up!”

Igor echoes this sharing that “Courage means defeating yourself when you are bigger than yourself. That’s the most important.”

And last but most certainly not least, Solidarity! A value that we define as unity across our staff, young people and community. It’s that unity that brought us together to have these meaningful conversations. “Solidarity is putting yourself in the place of the other person,” said Igor. And for Kal “it’s one of the main key features of teamwork. The impossible can be possible if we work together to achieve.”

Huge shout out to Promise, our interview host, and to Igor for capturing these conversations on film! Keep an eye on our Instagram and LinkedIn channels to hear more from our members, @fightforpeace!

Promise interviews athlete, Igor while Igor Gradinar captures on film

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