We’re delighted to share our 2023 Impact Report which can be read in full on our website here! The report documents another year (our 16th!) of Fight for Peace’s work supporting young people in east London, around the UK and worldwide. 

Notable highlights include the significant increase in young people accessing services at our Academy, the relaunch of youth leadership group Youth Power, the broadening of our Alliance’s work in the UK with support from partners like Sport England, and the power of collaboration in Kingston, Jamaica and across Newham, London. 

1144 young people participated in services at the Fight for Peace London Academy in 2023, including 766 new members. Meanwhile, 1326 young people attended Fight for Peace funded projects combining sport, personal development and/or employability, which were delivered by Alliance partners in 2023.

£50,000 was distributed to projects in east London aimed at improving safety and increasing opportunities for young people and in Jamaica, 600 young people engaged in resilience-building activities, including sport, personal development and psycho-social support.

Alongside the statistics of the year, the impact report brings us Zaynab’s story – a journey of strength and resilience in overcoming difficult times and using her experience to impact others – as well as the stories of the eight organisations around the UK designing and delivering youth employment programmes with the support and guidance of Fight for Peace.

In the report’s opening messages, Youth Power co-founder and Fight for Peace member Tommy sums up the optimism and achievement of 2023 very aptly: “I’d like people reading this report to realise that Fight for Peace is making a huge impact. This is a trend that is going to continue, we can keep making more and more impact on people’s lives.”  

This is echoed by CEO, Lee Hemmings, who joined the organisation in 2023 and sees an exciting future for our organisation: “As we look ahead to 2024, exciting plans are on the horizon. Together, we can create a place where every young person has the opportunity to flourish and reach their full potential.”

To read the Fight for Peace 2023 Impact Report in full please click here. Fight for Peace would like to extend its profound thanks to all of its funding and delivery partners, collaborators and supporters without whom our work with young people would not be possible – thank you all!

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