LutaPod is a recently launched, Fight for Peace produced podcast providing a space for young women and girls to discuss and share their thoughts, views and experiences in sport. 

Each podcast features a special guest and one of the aims of the series is to positively influence how women and girls are viewed and received in sport by the wider public.

Episode 2 of LutaPod, which dropped last week, features footballer, uni student, businesswoman and Fight for Peace Youth Worker, Angel! As always, the conversation is expertly guided by the hosts from team Fight for Peace, Asmaa and Athena!

This latest pod is a fascinating insight into Angel’s journey and shines a light on some really important issues facing women in sport, including stereotyping, inappropriate behaviour of male coaches, and body image.

From the football cages of Newham Leisure Centre to being scouted by Chelsea Football Club and later taking up a scholarship at the University of East London, Angel talks listeners through her relationship with and deep passion for sport:

“Your character is built when you play sport in terms of tenacity, determination, confidence, resilience – I could go on,” she says. “Being able to learn from those experiences and for it to build you and shape you, that’s quite powerful. Especially in women’s sport, usually you are putting yourself out there, you are going headfirst into something.”

Together with hosts Asmaa and Athena, Angel talks through the challenges of juggling athleticism and social expectations of femininity, including how stereotypes of women in sport can be damaging. “My mental view on who I am whilst juggling sport and juggling my femininity or who I am as a woman is definitely an impactful experience,” says Angel.  

She goes on to explain that within this challenge, there is the opportunity to inspire and create change: “It’s a catalyst for a culture shift, we need to break stereotypes and standards because we also need to be role models for younger women. Sport participation is important for that reason too, it is empowering, it inspires young people and gives them someone to look up to,” she explains.

Another really impactful topic that this LutaPod episode deals with is inappropriate behaviour by male coaches. Angel reflects on the harmful effects of objectifying women and girls in sporting spaces, and how inappropriate approaches and language can result in women not participating in sport. 

This provokes a really interesting conversation with host Athena, and underlines the importance of extending safeguarding training that is mandatory in youth settings like Fight for Peace, to all gyms and coaches. Angel rounds off the subject by skillfully delivering some key advice for men on how to behave with women in gyms and other sporting environments.  

In bringing the pod to a close, Angel shares a powerful message to the listeners, focusing on the importance of determination, getting involved and getting out of your comfort zone:

“I know it can be scary, but how do you know if you don’t try?” asks Angel. “Put yourself out there, sometimes go in head first… try to be fearless, put yourself there if you can!”

Episode 2 of LutaPod is out now on YouTube and Spotify, and you can catch clips of this and other episodes on the Fight for Peace Instagram channel @fightforpeace. Big shoutout to Angel and hosts Asmaa and Athena for amplifying these vital messages and raising awareness and understanding of issues affecting women and girls in sport. More episodes coming!

Podcast hosts Athena and Asmaa, alongside guest, Angel

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