Sarah is a medical student and aspiring writer and photographer who has been a Fight for Peace Lutadoras for three years and is now also part of the Fight for Peace Young Creatives project. In this blog, Sarah explores what our Lutadoras means to her and some of the incredible Fight for Peace members and team who make up our community of strong women and girls:

“Empowering, family environment and a safe space where you can develop and shape yourself the way you want, are some of the phrases that I and other young people believe describes the Lutadoras. As someone who has been part of this feminine space since 2019, I know the difference it has made to my life. 

When I first joined the group, I was out of college and studying alone and also adjusting to living alone at the age of 18. Thursdays was one of the days in the week I looked forward to the most, simply because every time I walked out of these session’s I felt uplifted, valued and it just gave me a sense of belonging. Over the years I’ve made lasting friendships and strong bonds with young people and youth workers at Fight for Peace. 

It has definitely been an invaluable experience. Being able to connect in this way has become so difficult in this generation and age, so having the opportunity to be part of this community is something I am hugely grateful for, something which I’m sure the other participants would agree with me too. 

As quoted by one of the young people, ‘Lutadoras feels like a foster family’. This phrase touched me a lot because through my difficult experiences with my own family, I met a lot of young people that were part of the care system who struggled with their foster families. 

Therefore, the fact that Lutadoras has been a space where positivity is associated with foster families, is something I believe has great value and credit to. It shows that this space is really about making positive change, so all participants understand ‘the power of women coming together to support each other and raise each other up’ – stated by Lutadoras Coordinator and Female Engagement, Katie-Wambui Kings.

Some of our Lutadoras earlier this year.

Inclusivity is embraced within the Lutadoras space and I believe this has been a huge part of making sure all young people benefit from sessions. Right from the beginning whether you are new or have been coming to the sessions for years, everyone will give you a hug and a warm welcome and every woman in the group is offered the opportunity to speak as openly as they feel about their week or any topic that comes to mind which is appropriate to speak about. 

Lutadoras is somewhere to spread positive energy, but not to change how anyone is. It is all about accepting, embracing women and supporting each other on their journeys and overcoming obstacles to help everyone succeed in all that they wish to achieve.”

Lutadoras sessions bring together young women and non-binary people aged 7-25 to explore issues, build confidence and a strong sense of identity, overcome challenges, and promote personal growth. Sessions take place every Thursday from 4-7pm and will return in the new year.

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