Last week at Fight for Peace, we were pleased to welcome ASB Security Services into our North Woolwich Academy to deliver a Security Industry Association (SIA) course to 10 of our young members.

The course will allow young people who successfully complete it to obtain an SIA licence and work at events, shows, or do door work as a registered security professional. They will also receive a first aid qualification by the end of the course.

As the training approached its end, we checked in with some of the participants to find out how it’s all been going, and how they think the new knowledge and skills will support them in their journeys to work.

Alexandru Dintiu trains muay thai and MMA at Fight for Peace, and explained that after hearing about the course through Fight for Peace it was something he could use to support him in accessing jobs within the security area.

“I was working as security before moving to London. In my country you don’t need a licence to do the role but you do here, so I wasn’t able to get the job in London.”

As well as brushing up on his security skills and gaining the qualification, Alexandru expressed that it will also help him become more confident in communicating and meeting new people.

Course peer and long-time Fight for Peace member, Daniela shared that for her, entry into the SIA course was a good safety net.

“I’ve been looking for jobs and I can see that roles within security offer good pay, so it will be really good to have the qualification,” Danny explained.

“I’ve learned quite a lot of things I didn’t know were involved in the role. For example, you need to know quite a lot of policies, rules and even some elements of law… I’m enjoying it, especially the practical exercises like the correct way to search people, it’s been fun. We had to do some role play so we were able to demonstrate the skills we’ve learned.”

“I’m always up for gaining new knowledge, and you never know where it can take you in the future.”

It was interesting to hear how each individual came to join the course, but also how the learnings have been interpreted in different ways.

For example Aimee, a long-standing Fight for Peace member who participates in boxing explained that it is going to help her more generally in life as well as within the security sector. 

“It’s taught me how to deal with conflict, if I’m outside and I see somebody suspicious, this knowledge will help me stay aware of my surroundings,” Aimee shared.

“It’s also helped me understand how to identify vulnerable people in certain settings, and how to deal with that and know what to do and what not to do – so I think the course will help me with life things too.”

The course aims to upskill young people in their Employability endeavours, and is a part of the Fight for Peace Five Pillar Methodology: bringing together Boxing and martial arts, Employability, Support Services, Education and Youth Leadership to support young people in reaching their full potential.

A big thank you to ASB Security for delivering this training, and to the East End Community Foundation for providing the funding to be able to grant this opportunity to our young people!

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