UP Unity & Peace is a Fight for Peace coordinated programme which brings together multiple organisations and services to support young people and promote peace and inclusion.


The six Kingston communities in which UP Unity & Peace operates are affected by extremely high levels of violence. This violence has a destructive impact on young people in particular, inhibiting their growth, development and potential.

We believe that the best way to tackle this issue and support young people to thrive is by working collectively. UP Unity & Peace brings together over 40 partners – service providers, sports, community and government bodies, schools, funders and private corporations – to collaborate on the delivery of services and support to young people.

Through representation on Jamaica’s National Commission on Violence Prevention, UP Unity & Peace also leverages knowledge and evidence to articulate issues facing young people and communities, amplify the voices of local people, and influence responses and solutions at a systemic level.    

Fight for Peace plays a key role in this collective approach. A local team of staff based in Kingston coordinates logistics, communications, monitoring and evaluation, and fundraising for the UP Unity & Peace programme, while also providing specialist support for young people – such as psychosocial support – and training and resources to participating partners.

UP Unity & Peace programmes are based on the Fight for Peace approach, integrating sport, education, youth leadership, employability and psycho-social support. They are delivered to young people at schools and other community facilities by participating UP Unity & Peace organisations, such as sports federations and NGOs.

If you are interested in finding out more about UP Unity & Peace, please contact up@fightforpeace.net


* These numbers refer to the year 2020.

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