It was with deep sadness and shock that we received the news last week of the sudden passing of Janice Eba, a colleague, mentor, youth worker and friend who had an enormous impact on the many lives she touched at Fight for Peace. 

Janice had a long association with Fight for Peace, having first joined our London Academy as a young person and avid muay thai athlete. More recently, she joined our staff team, and over the past two years provided support and guidance to young people on our Special Project. 

Janice’s dedication and commitment to go above and beyond was unparalleled. She was known for always being available and ready to help, and for going the extra mile to ensure that young people and her colleagues had the support they needed. Nowhere was this more apparent than in her focus area, the Special Project, where she stepped out of her normal role to deliver maths tuition in the absence of the regular tutor. This was typical of the values Janice followed and applied to her life and work. 

Janice will be remembered for her vibrant, bubbly energy, her intelligence, her big smile and her sense of fun and humour. She was loved for her directness, a quality which positively challenged and gave clarity to those she worked with, as well as for her unrelenting strength, resilience and integrity.  

For some of our young people facing very challenging life situations and circumstances, Janice was a beacon of hope because she really understood what they were going through. She was supremely adept at being able to connect with the issues young people were facing, and enable them to believe that they could overcome it.

With the strength, energy and belief she instilled, Janice made an enormous impact on the work of Fight for Peace, her ability to relate to others’ situations and the passion she showed providing so much hope and positivity to the young people she worked with.

Janice’s loss leaves a huge void in our lives, at Fight for Peace and far beyond. Our hearts and sincere condolences go out to Janice’s family, friends and all those affected by her passing.

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