At Fight for Peace, we’re always seeking new and innovative ways to support young people in their development and progression. That’s why this week, we’re launching a new project called Young Creatives – a two-year project funded by Fight for Peace strategic partner, Sport England.

The project aims to bring together young people with creative skills and interests, supporting them in accessing opportunities to bring their diverse skills to positively influence Fight for Peace’s communications output. 

By producing creative content for our communications channels, young people will support Fight for Peace in communicating our work, values and beliefs, while elevating the presence of youth voice to influence wider perspectives in society.

Having Fight for Peace members and alumni lead on production of our content will allow us to reinvigorate the presence of authentic youth voice throughout our content, delivering more impact for our audiences to understand more about the work we do at Fight for Peace.

Over the course of the next nine months, we’ll be working with 15 talented young people aged between 16 and 25, including videographers, editors, photographers, graphic designers, writers, creative directors and a social media assistant, who will collaborate in delivering high-quality, engaging content. In year two of the project, the aim is to build and develop this concept based on our learnings and feedback from those involved.

As well as gaining professional hands-on experience, Young Creatives will be signposted to training, mentoring, job, and shadowing opportunities to aid them in their development. And while we have a lot to offer in-house at Fight for Peace, partnerships with established creative organisations, bodies and networks will enhance our ability to support young people in their growth. 

Officially launching in July 2022, and running until April 2023, the first cohort of Young Creatives will collaborate to deliver at least one media project per month, working in teams to produce a range of content from videos and short films, to articles and design projects, photoshoots and more. 

With young people leading on these projects, it will allow Young Creatives the opportunity to understand how an organisation like Fight for Peace works, develop their leadership skills, explore and gain an understanding of the creative world, build their confidence as young professionals, and in turn, progress in their careers.

Embodying a youth-led approach to our communications will provide authenticity of young people’s perspectives, experiences and insights, widening the space for our audiences and supporters to develop a deeper connection to Fight for Peace’s purpose and understanding of the work that we do in supporting young people to realise their full potential.  

We are now seeking videographers, editors, photographers, writers, creative directors, sound operators and graphic designers to join the Young Creatives project. To register your interest, or to discuss partnering with Fight for Peace, keep an eye out for more information on our Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn channels, or email Communications Officer

Special thanks to our strategic partner, Sport England for their ongoing support, and for providing funding to make this two-year Young Creatives project possible!

To check out some of our existing projects produced by young people, head over to our YouTube channel!

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