Fight for peace member – LONDON ACADEMY

There are many words I can use to describe Fight for Peace, but if I had to choose one it would be family.

My journey at Fight for Peace started almost three years ago when I was introduced by a friend to join one of the boxing sessions. At first I wasn’t sure as it was something that I wouldn’t normally do and I wasn’t a very committed person at that time.

I started joining the session once a week, then it became more than once a week and I was really focused on achieving something with my fitness. I started becoming more and more interested as everyone was very welcoming.

I also had the opportunity to join a boxing boot camp where I was chosen for my hard work and consistency. The camp made me feel even better about myself and I made so many friends that I can now call my family.

People saw my potential and introduced me to the Youth Council. At this point I started to become a big part of Fight for Peace and I was later selected to become the Head of the Youth Council.

These roles have meant that I am involved in lots of organising and decision making, helping coordinate the Youth Council and guide the direction of Fight for Peace. I am also part of the Fight for Peace Leadership Group which brings together staff and young people to represent the organisation and influence its future.

I have grown as a person massively since joining Fight for Peace as my confidence has improved a lot. I have found myself doing many things out of my comfort zone by including myself in things I wouldn’t normally do. There are also many skills I have developed in the years that I have been at Fight for Peace, especially my communication and organisation.

My experience is that it’s normal to have fears and doubts and, if I hadn’t faced mine, I would never be the person who I am today, and would not have come this far.

If I had to give a piece of advice to someone I would say to face their fears and doubts because once they do they will be a better version of themselves and will be able to face anything that comes their way.

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