Fight for Peace transforms the lives of young people affected by crime and violence through combat sports and education. Your donation will enable us to continue having an impact on the lives of young people around the world.


What your donation can make possible.


Pays for eight young people from Brazil to go on a cultural visit in parts of the city they would otherwise find difficult to access.


Pays for a year’s worth of course materials for a young person to complete their education with Fight for Peace.


Pays for a day of practical job skills training for young people so they are prepared and trained to enter the job market.

$16 per month

Pays for one young person in Brazil to receive a monthly food basket while they go to school over a one month period. This means they can concentrate on studying while supporting their family’s needs.

$25 per month

Pays for a boxing or martial arts training session followed by a life skills class that helps young people make informed life decisions.



Tyronne Castello

Volunteer, London Academy

"Fight for Peace has taken me from rock bottom to above and beyond."

solange fight for peace

Solange Cristina

Boxer, Rio Academy

"Fight for Peace makes us believe that it is worth fighting for our dreams."

angelica fight for peace testimonials

Angelica Rocho da Silva

Intern, Rio Academy

"I love working here because I know I am moving forward with my career.”


Aba Abubakar

Employability mentee, London Academy

"Fight for Peace is like my home. You can’t describe the way people get treated here."