Our first home boxing show of 2024 is fast approaching and will take place at our London Academy in North Woolwich, east London on Sunday 7th May 2024!

In the week leading up to the big show, we caught up with Fight for Peace Sports Development Manager, Silvino Domingos who shared some of the ways our young champions have been preparing for their bouts, what spectators can expect on the day, and why the Fight for Peace home show is so important to us!

“The countdown has begun, and there’s just over a week left until some of our champions step into the ring to compete in our home show.

We’re really proud to be able to provide a space for our young people to showcase their skills and allow people to see their work they’ve been putting in for the last few months, or years they’ve been training.

It will give them a chance to be able to showcase their skills in a competitive setting and allow their family members and friends to see what they’ve been doing over the period of time they’ve been with us.

We are always really excited to host our home shows, but especially because we get to open our doors to so many people from different walks of life. Despite these differences, people love to watch boxing and this is a great way of bringing people together.

Opening our doors to the public also pushes our athletes out of their comfort zones as a lot of the people coming to watch will be the family and friends of their opponents – so people they’ve never met.

Our head boxing coach, Emmanuel, actually set up an interclub sparring day to push the boxers even further – bringing boxers from different clubs in and having sparring sessions. This was done in the hope to mimic the environment that young people will experience when they are actually in the competitive setting, or when we actually have an open show.

It was really helpful because it put a lot of the athletes under pressure and got them out of the habit of only sparring with people that they know – there was a lot of young people who are very competitive and we wanted to get the best out of them, so they have to elevate their game and showcase their ability.

It’s also a good chance to see the technique and style of boxers from different clubs and see how our boxers hold up going head to head with them. It helps coaches identify any areas they need to work on, and informs what kinds of levels and standards they need to be at. 

It’s been great to see our coaches going above and beyond to support boxers in their preparation for the ring too, and to see young people seeking and wanting that support. 

They’ve been getting a lot of 1:1 sessions, strength and conditioning sessions, some will come in super early to train extra with coaches, and some even come in on days where there are no boxing sessions to ask for tips and ideas on how they can perform better and improve, and any extra things they need to do in their own time. 

On the day of the show, people can expect a lot of great boxing, a lot of determination, grit and resilience, as well as a very high level of skill from all of our boxers, and boxers from other clubs.

For our guests, it’s a chance for people to watch a series of excellent bouts showcasing a range of levels and skill, while experiencing the unique energy of a Fight for Peace show. 

And for our athletes, it’s a chance to compete in a setting in which boxing is welcomed, while having the right support behind them. For some of the boxers getting in the ring next Sunday it’ll be their first bout, for others they’ve done this before – so it’ll be a really rich experience for everyone involved.”

Tickets will be sold on the door on the day and if you’d like to go that extra mile to support our young champs, you can sponsor the show, while having the chance to promote your business during this special event! Please contact our Business Development Director, Tom at for more details.

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