A partnership between Fight for Peace and Petrobras, this initiative is focused on the personal development of children and young people in the communities of Nova Savoy (east São Paulo), and Jardim Centenário and Parque São Miguel (Guarulhos).


In the Comunidade Segura (Safe Community) project, Fight for Peace, in partnership with Petrobras, brings international experience in collective impact approaches to working alongside communities in the Brazilian cities of São Paulo and Guarulhos.

In total, the project will impact more than 2,000 people through education and the creation of jobs and income for local residents.

The project’s methodology, tested across Fight for Peace’s other Collectives in Jamaica, the UK and South Africa, focuses on multi-sector integration towards developing safe and inclusive communities.

Via three strategic branches – Mobilisation, Training and Service Provision – the project aims to strengthen the different services offered at the community level and deepen the relationship between these services and local residents.

The first strategic branch focuses on the factors that make a community safe, while the second involves training, mentoring and knowledge exchange. The third branch sees the implementation of personal development programmes for children and young people.

The project will also train young leaders and provide sports activities and professional courses for community members, contributing to improving the lives of participants and their families, and promoting positive social transformation in the focus communities.