In the latter part of 2023, Fight for Peace launched a new education support initiative aimed at helping young people gain fresh perspectives on their studies. 

Homework Club, which runs every Monday and Friday from 4pm to 6pm in the Fight for Peace Academy classroom, provides an opportunity for young people to complete their schoolwork with the support of Fight for Peace youth workers. Just as important, however, it is a chance for young people to grow and develop beyond their academic studies. 

“We want young people to thrive academically and personally,” explained Leo, Personal Development Manager at Fight for Peace. “In that sense, our Homework Club is of course a place where young people can get support to complete their homework. But, more than that, it’s also somewhere they can develop their perspectives on school, understand where they fit into it, and ultimately take steps to becoming the best version of themselves.”

True to the Fight for Peace methodology, this new initiative has personal development at its core. Participants, the majority of whom are primary school age, connect with youth workers who are on hand to guide, inspire, and support them in their educational and personal journeys. Discussions on school experiences are also facilitated as part of the club, a chance to talk about achievements as well as challenges faced.

“It’s a really cool space where young people can be themselves,” added Leo. “We’ve had some really interesting, open conversations in the club and what we are seeing is young people building stronger relationships with their peers and having a more positive outlook on school.” 

This is clearly a very valuable space which impacts the academic experiences and life perspectives of those taking part. And feedback from parents of participants testifies to the difference the club is making to young people in the school setting.

A big well done to all of the young people and youth workers contributing to the success of Homework Club, we are watching eagerly as it goes from strength to strength!

To sign up to Homework Club or enquire further, you can send an email to leonas@fighforpeace.net or just turn up on a Monday or Friday at either 4 or 5 PM.

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