Youth Without Walls

Location: Pumwani, Majengo, Nairobi
Combat sport: Boxing
Focus areas: Youth entrepreneurship, education
Established: 2004
Joined the FFP Alumni: June 2013
Contact: Kelvin Mbogo

Youth Without Walls (YWW) started as a self-help group in the year 2004 in the largest governmental settlements in Pumwani area of Majengo slums of Nairobi. It initially started in the only council owned training grounds, where the community had opportunity to train boxing. Younger children were keen to take part but the boxing was focused on those training to be professionals. YWW took the chance to work with and mentor these young people.

The community suffers from extremely high levels of gang-related violence, prostitution, drug abuse, extortion and shootings. The number of children dropping out of school is also very high, worsening the severe youth unemployment problem. The boxing gym provides young people with a positive and healthy alternative to gang membership.

YWW offers an after-school mentorship programme for those kids that are in school and those too who are willing to go back to school. The group has particular expertise and passion for providing ex-youth offenders with opportunities to learn entrepreneurship and helping them to start their own business, and are currently helping former offenders turn their lives around in this way.