Youth Arise!

Location: Kissy, East Freetown
Combat sport: Karate
Focus areas: Violence reduction and physical, mental and spiritual well-being
Established: 2000
Joined the FFP Alumni: March 2014
Contact: Ishmeal Kamara

Youth Arise was founded to support young people in their physical, mental and spiritual development – using a combination of life skills, mentoring and alternative development techniques such as yoga and martial arts. Their work with young people focuses specifically on violence reduction and conflict resolution.

Youth Arise work with grassroots community organisations and support them with the addition of life skills and mentoring. The focus of their work with Fight for Peace will be two community centres; one in central and one in eastern Freetown, where grassroots coaches are currently training young people in martial arts.

Ishmeal and his Youth Arise team will be working to develop their services to reach more at-risk young people and codify their existing methodology to have a deeper impact on the young people they work with.