Youth Action International

Location: Freetown
Combat sport: Boxe, Karatê
Focus areas: Educação, Empregabilidade, Desenvolvimento pessoal
Established: 2005
Joined the FFP Alumni: March 2014
Contact: Donald Kalokoh

Youth Action International was started in Liberia by youth activist Kimmie Weeks in 2005, and has now expanded to Sierra Leone and Uganda. In Sierra Leone, Country Director Donald Kalokoh, runs a range of youth programmes designed to support at-risk young people. These include agriculture programmes, vocational skills training, life skills education, advocacy for disadvantaged groups, and sport for development activities such as football and boxing.

Donald will work with FFP to integrate more boxing and further martial arts into his existing skills training and life skills classes to make them more attractive to those young people that they aren’t currently working especially with those young people involved in the gangs and crime.