Judo players awarded yellow belts at London Academy grading ceremony

06/10/2017 – Twelve Fight for Peace judo players have been awarded their yellow belts at a grading ceremony held at the London Academy. The grading, which was supported by the Fighting Chance initiative, followed a year of training in which time the Fight for Peace judokas have made great strides having never previously trained in the martial art.

In order to receive their belt, the prospective yellow belt athletes were put through an assessment by their coach, former Team GB representative Darren Hawney, whereby they were required to demonstrate their knowledge and skill in different elements of judo, including attacks, throws, arm holds and strangles.

Darren has been impressed by the group’s development over the past year: “This is a very strong group, you wouldn’t have thought that they had been doing judo for just twelve months, some less. The young people that have been awarded their belts have shown great attitude and a strong work ethic, very much in line with the values that we promote at Fight for Peace. They have also worked hard together by helping each other improve and grow as sportspeople.”

The new yellow belts now look forward to their next challenge, the London University Open tournament due to be held at the University of East London (UEL) in November, as well as progressing on to gaining their orange belts, a step which, according to their coach, some will make very soon.