First belts for Utopia Lima Lama participants

06/04/2017 – Utopia, a Fight for Peace Global Network partner in Mexico, recently celebrated the progression of eleven of their young Lima Lama athletes as they gained their white belts in the martial art. The gaining of these belts reflects the young people’s engagement and progress both in Lima Lama and in education programmes.

Martial arts classes at Utopia are led by Juan Gutierrez, director of fellow Fight for Peace Global Network partner Angel’s de Lima Lama, and are combined with an in-house educational programme which is currently funded by the Laureus Sport for Good Foundation.

Along with the belts themselves, the young Utopia members were each awarded uniforms following practical and theory examinations. This event marked an important step for Utopia who had not previously been able to mark the progression of their participants, a move which has proved extremely powerful in the disadvantaged community in which the organisation works.

“The belts and uniforms were not a present, they constitute a prize won with effort, discipline and dedication. Young people who received the uniforms are going to be in charge of them and will wear them with pride and passion. We believe this will motivate others to better engage with the programme and see themselves progressing and having success”, explained Jesus Villalobos, Director of Utopia.

The next step for Utopia is to prepare their young athletes for competition where they can further expand their horizons and realise their potential.