We Yone Child Foundation

Location: George Brook and Kroo Bay, Freetown
Combat sport: Boxing
Focus areas: Education, personal development, anti-violence
Established: 2009
Joined the FFP Alumni: March 2014
Contact: Santigie Bayo Dumbaya
Website: http://www.weyonechildfoundation.org/

Santigie Bayo Dumbayo is a social entrepreneur who, five years ago, decided to set out on his on and start a charitable organisation from scratch. We Yone Child, a Krio phrase that means ‘Our Own Children’, was founded in 2009 to support young children with their education.

WYCF now runs one school in the George Brook community for 300 young people and one school in Kroo Bay for 150 young people. WYCF staffs these schools with their own teachers, delivering formal education for primary and junior secondary school students. They provide life skills education around violence reduction, hygiene and sanitation and gender-based violence and run annual summer school programs to prepare vulnerable children for the next class level.

WYCF also accept volunteers/interns or gap year volunteers throughout the year to help them in training, administration, social work, teaching, fundraising and other projects. Santigie works closely with his volunteers but believes in giving them the space to formulate new ideas or projects that they feel can develop the organisation.

Santigie and his team will be working with FFP to introduce boxing and martial arts to both schools to attract school drop-outs back into education. They will deliver after school sport sessions combined with personal development and education to support the most at-risk and often violent young people in the surrounding area.