The values guiding the pack at the training cave

30/04/2020 – The Training Cave, a member of the Fight for Peace Alliance, has developed strong values that guide its work. We invited the organisation’s Founder Jack Sunderland to tell us a little about these values and the impact they have on the ethos and direction of the Training Cave:

Although teaching young people the boxing fundamentals that will set them up for success in competition is a key goal for us at the Training Cave, the team’s greater focus is to support our young people on their path to becoming the individual they are destined to be.

The Training Cave is an organisation that is based in Birstall, West Yorkshire and uses boxing as a vehicle to help and teach people to be fit, healthy and strong for life. The aim isn’t just to advance people in boxing or sport, but to prepare them for life. Physically and mentally.

The family, also known as ‘the pack’, is what our members feel they are a part of. All of the club’s competitive fighters, recreational boxers, keep fitters, parents and supporters all say they are part of a small community, an extended family that cares and welcomes everyone.

The culture within the Training Cave has been shaped over time by its core values. These are an articulation of how the team behaves, the decisions it makes, and the energy that drives it when it’s at its best.

The organisation’s values were decided by its stakeholders following a collection of stories, feelings and quotes from conversations between team members.

Courage, Fun, Unity, Excellence and Leadership are the core values that drive the Training Cave.

Courage – We develop the skills and mindset in people to become strong for life.

Fun – We provide a safe, enjoyable environment to exercise and socialise in.

Unity – We are a strong community, an extended family that cares and welcomes everyone.

Excellence – We take pride in striving to achieve within the gym, competition and life.

Leadership – We help, guide and support others, with honesty and integrity.

The Training Cave understands that culture is not determined by its philosophy, but rather by an outsider’s point of view including those that take part in our outreach work, the local community, sports officials and people walking into the gym for the first time.

For this to be achievable, our core values have been, and are still lived by, talked about, and built into everything that the Training Cave does.”