Location: Kenya

Combat sport: Boxing

Focus areas: Community safety

Established: 2001

Joined the FFP Alumni: June 2013

Contact: Caleb Wanga

Website: http://www.usalamaforum.org/

Usalama is a coalition of organisations working on the security sector reforms programme in Kenya. They also work on crime and violence prevention in the Nairobi slums by building the capacities of the communities to make them safe and secure.

Usalama has headquarters in Nairobi and also have project sites in 9 different locations across the city. A particular focus area for the organisation is the Eastlands community, an area that suffers from a great deal of crime and gang violence, and there is easy availability of guns and drugs. The areas problems have been compounded by a large influx of refugees from war-torn Somalia.

Consequently, there is a general feeling of exclusion from the youths, many of whom do not have their basic needs of education and employment met by the society.

In addition to their direct youth engagement work – which involves 45 youth groups across Nairobi participating in peace and security programmes. – Usalama also work heavily at governmental level, developing and promoting policies and laws to improve community safety and security around the country. They run joint community policing programmes with the police and school based crime/violence prevention programmes to prevent young people becoming involved in crime at an early age.

Usalama’s work with FFP is both at a policy and a project level, both implementing youth development programmes to and also taking the impact and evidence gathered at community level up to try and promote and influence policies around youth development and community safety.