A united Alliance against COVID-19

16/04/2020 – Our global family extends across 25 countries and currently includes 118 local partners actively working together as part of the Fight for Peace Alliance. These community based organisations are all trained in the Fight for Peace methodology and all do invaluable work in support of young people in their communities. COVID-19 has forced these organisations to make dramatic adjustments to their work, it has however simultaneously highlighted the enormous capacity for innovation, knowledge sharing and peer support contained in this global community.

Alliance partners have rapidly responded to the crisis, using their channels of communication to keep their communities informed, launch prevention campaigns and deliver practical support. This response has included a number of creative initiatives. Ryu Dan Dojo in Trinidad and Tobago and The Compound in the UK, for example, are both using music to inform their communities and call for action.

While normal face to face services have been widely suspended, many organisations are delivering practical support within their communities including distributing hygiene products, protective wear and food, and offering their facilities to host those without homes. Among these efforts, a special mention to Skillshare International in Botswana, which has been delivering support to a local refugee camp.

Innovation is the watchword for continued service provision among Alliance partners, and digital platforms, social media, apps, recorded videos and online gaming spaces are all being used to ensure that young people can continue to participate in sporting and educational activities and, crucially, receive the support they need at this uncertain time. Malala Academia in Mexico is training young people to deliver exercise classes to others in their households while PROSESC in Brazil has partnered with local authorities to encourage young people to enter a community wide music competition called The Voice at Home.

Meanwhile, the support being delivered by Fight for Peace to our Alliance partners has also adapted to be able to continue. We are holding individual check-ins to provide tailored support to organisations and hosting regular online meetings to gather partners together for knowledge sharing. These meetings focus on priority topics and draw on the vast experience and good practice contained within the Alliance community. We are producing and distributing different tools and resources based on Fight for Peace’s own crisis response strategy and are sharing any funding opportunities that emerge. And we are also collecting and sharing Alliance partner responses to COVID-19 so that we can all keep learning from each other.

The examples cited above are just a handful of the wonderful initiatives being delivered by Fight for Peace Alliance partners and the resolve and determination to continue to serve young people and communities at this difficult time is overwhelming. This must continue and, through facilitating joint working and sharing best practice, Fight for Peace will ensure that the skills and potential contained within the Alliance can have the greatest impact at this time.