Umeme Sports Club

Location: Starehe, Nairobi
Combat sport: Boxing
Focus areas:
Established: 1972
Joined the FFP Alumni: June 2013
Contact: Emmanuel Were

Umeme Sports Club is based at a youth centre adjacent to Starehe Boys School, a private school with one of best reputations in Kenya. It was formerly a school for the best, brightest, and least advantaged; but this has steadily changed until now it is exclusively a school for children of Kenya’s political and business elite. Umeme Sports Club is one of the few programmes left that offers support to the disadvantaged young people in the local community and they do so alongside a number of other small-scale NGOs.

Umeme offer various sporting activities alongside programmes such as civic education, football tournaments, scholarship initiatives and vocational training projects. They seek to change the negative attitudes of young people through sports, especially football, in a community faced with challenges such as guns and cannabis trading, car jackings, muggings and robberies.

Umeme are starting a Tae Kown Do club in the community as there is a strong tradition of this martial art in the community.