16/04/2019 – London Academy member Ion Pruteanu’s hard work, focus and dedication have seen him gain success in both his professional career and in martial arts. A true Fight for Peace champion, Ion took time out of his busy schedule to tell us how his qualifications and job prospects have improved since joining the London Academy, and how training martial arts has helped him face challenges in his job and in life.

“I first came to Fight for Peace after talking to someone in the street about combat sports. He told me that Fight for Peace was the best place to go to because they develop everything and they help you out in studying and also develop you as a competitive athlete if you put the right effort to do it. A week later I came here to the Academy, I did an induction and I started doing muay thai, BJJ and judo.

At that time, I was living in Stratford, east London and my routine was just working and coming home. My level of English was very low so I was doing lots of different jobs, any work that I could. After coming to Fight for Peace to train I began taking educational courses at the Academy including getting maths and English qualifications.


Having passed the maths and English courses, I started a Passenger Service Agent (PSA) employability course which was running at Fight for Peace. All of the teachers have so much experience and they love what they do and they share that with us. Pat, our teacher on the PSA course, was the most important person that I met here because she helped me to change the way that I do things, the way I speak and the way that I treat people.

I am happy because she helped me move away from some bad habits that I had. The way she treated us was different, she put the hard work in, and encouraged us to work hard because she knew that we would benefit. This is important, when you work hard you get the rewards at the end – not today maybe, but eventually you will get there.

As a result of passing the PSA course, I applied for a job at London City Airport and, after completing a number of interviews and tests, I got a job there. The most important thing now is to keep this job, actually I didn’t think that I was going to get it – I am happy that I got the job and now I am focused on keeping it.

The combat sports training also helped me a lot with my job. For example, in muay thai a lot of pressure is put on by the coaches for us to work hard. This helped me to keep calm, have discipline and not react to silly things. In my work I use this because when I am with customers I must remain calm even in difficult situations.


I know everyone at Fight for Peace, all the staff and coaches, I speak with everyone, they are my friends and I know that if I have any problems I can talk to anyone and they will give me advice or support in how to do things. In the three years that I have been here, I have seen Fight for Peace working hard to support people to make positive changes in their lives, many people that I have met here have changed the way that they think and approach life. It is not only about combat sports, it is about how you live. I have done some one-to-one mentoring with the Support Services team here and they see if I have any problems that they can help with.

Fight for Peace offers opportunities, it’s a place where you can improve your performance in sport, you can meet new people, you can have a lot of help if you need it in something. And even if they can’t support you themselves, they will refer you to other people or organisations who can. If you want to achieve something, they will support you, you just have to put the work in, that’s it!”