The Old Library Trust HLC

Location: Creggan, Derry City, Northern Ireland
Combat sport: Multiple combat sports
Focus areas: Education, youth crime reduction, peace building
Established: 2001
Joined the FFP Alumni: July 2014
Contact: George McGowan

The Old Library Trust (OLT) was established in July 2001 to deliver programmes and services that improve the social, physical and mental health and wellbeing of residents living in the Creggan area of Derry / London Derry. The organisation uses a community development process aimed at reducing inequalities, and especially focuses on tackling the root causes of ill health.

OLT deliver a wide range of activities, to all members of the community from new-borns to senior citizens, including vulnerable and at risk young people. Their sports activities include football, Gaelic, athletics, boxing and judo, and they work alongside a number of partners to deliver these services.

OLT are working with FFP to develop their use of boxing and martial arts as a tool to work with at-risk young people. OLT will partner with FFP Alumni colleagues St Columb’s Park House who are based on the Waterside of Derry / London Derry, to develop a city-wide approach that engages with local clubs and helps young people attending those clubs to access the personal development activities of the two organisations.