Location:  Belfast
Combat sport: Boxing
Focus areas: Education , Youth Leadership, Resilience
Established: 2011
Joined the FFP Alumni:  2016
Contact:  Joe Donnelly Manager 07849324360
Website: http://tamhi.btck.co.uk/

TAMHI was set up to support sports clubs/groups who use sport to raise awareness of mental health and to put programmes in place to tackle the social issues that negatively impact on mental wellbeing. TAMHI is named after Thomas “Tammy Tucker” McLaughlin who took his life in 2009; he was a friend of founder Joe Donnelly.

The objectives of TAMHI are focused on:

  • Providing support , information, referral, signposting and other appropriate services to sports clubs/youth services that use sport to reduce suicides and self harm.
  • Raising awareness of the causes and effects of suicide and self harm and other matters relating to poor mental health among sports clubs/youth service providers, young people and staff.
  • Promoting positive attitudes to mental health and helping to improve emotional wellbeing of people residing in the Greater Belfast area.

TAMHI supports clubs and groups to undertake a cultural change in relation to mental wellbeing through the implementation of a mental health policy; the development of people through education/training delivery and the creation of club resources as well as the design and delivery of mental health awareness programmes and the identification of partners that can add  value to supporting the organisation.

Fight for Peace has provided TAMHI with a platform for growth and development in terms of the Five Pillars and how these can be adopted to make TAMHI operate more efficiently.  The network of contacts and friends has been the most beneficial aspect. The course undertaken was very informative and helpful and you felt like you where joining a family.