Fight for Peace mentoring programme celebrated at special closing ceremony held at State Street

27/07/2018 – Fight for Peace’s mentoring programme, staged in partnership with State Street, concluded this week with a graduation style ceremony held at Canary Wharf in London.

The six-month programme saw young people from the London Academy hold a series of regular meet ups with professionals from State Street, a Fight for Peace partner. The scheme aimed to support the personal and professional development of Fight for Peace members by matching them with experienced counterparts based on areas of expertise and needs and interests.


A total of five young people completed the programme, each developing new skills and gaining knowledge in areas ranging from communicating and presenting to confidence building, career progression and strategic planning. A social media marketing plan developed by one participant, with guidance from their mentor, resulted in substantial exposure for a family member’s brand and saw the young person in question gain a placement at a prominent SEO company.

“I think that the mentoring programme is really good, especially for people who don’t know what they want to do in the future”, explained one of the mentees from Fight for Peace. “It sets them goals and tells them what steps to take to proceed in life and whatever they want to do.”


Another mentee found that, beyond building confidence, the experience had an impact in challenging their perspectives. “My mentor was really good, they have been a friend, a good leader and there were loads of things that I learned, like not to give up and that there are always more and different opportunities out there.”

The ceremony held to formally bring a close to the programme, held at State Street’s London base, saw each participating Fight for Peace member deliver a presentation on their experience and receive a certificate of completion from their mentor.