Starrett City Boxing Club

Location: Brooklyn/East New York
Combat sport: Boxing
Focus areas: Boxing, personal development, life skills
Joined the FFP Alumni: August 2013
Contact: Frank Galarza Jnr

Starrett City Boxing Club has a long history of producing ring champions whilst also making a positive contribution in the local community – in the last few years this has led to the emergence of world champion boxers and the creation of a new youth programme – Youth Fighting Forward.

Youth Fighting Forward aims to engage young people through the boxing, personal development and a range of other support services. In the gym – boxing training is aligned to personal development and mentoring, whilst outside the gym, a new outreach programme has been developed. YFF Outreach takes the spirit of Starrett City Boxing Club out of the gym and into schools across NYC.

FFP will be supporting Starrett to develop YFF and YFF Outreach so young people can benefit from an improved and expanded range of services.

YFF will include the introduction of a formal pillar of Youth Support Services consisting of:

Monthly personal development sessions with guest speakers to cover a range of issues relevant to young
Monthly 121s with a youth worker to allow young people to receive support on two levels – general mentoring/counselling and needs assessment/referrals to external youth service providers
YFF Outreach will include:

A designed/structured Schools Outreach programme that delivers a 12 week curriculum of Boxing and PD, mentoring, and inbuilt M&E, that can be ‘sold’ to schools across NYC.