St Barb’s Community Women In Action

Location: St Barb’s, Laventille, Trinidad
Combat sport: Boxing and Martial Arts
Focus areas: Community development, youth engagement, violence and crime prevention
Established: 2011
Joined the FFP Alumni: November 2012
Contact: Jewel Marshall

The community of St. Barbs has been designated by the Trinidad & Tobago Government as a ‘hotspot’ area, where crime is at a level that is seriously detrimental to development. The community is affected by a range of issues including violence, gang activity, domestic violence, teenage pregnancy, school drop outs, and lack of infrastructural development drugs and high levels of unemployment.

St Barb’s Community Women in Action is a new grassroots organisation designed to bring regeneration and opportunity to the neighbourhood. They deliver a number of events designed to mobilize and empower the community; they also provide young people with a range of services including mentoring, counselling and sports in an attempt to engage them in healthier lifestyle choices.

Working with FFP, St. Barbs Community Women in Action will be launching a martial arts programme within the community designed to establish a dialogue with some of the harder to reach young people. Once involved in the sporting activities, those young people will be supported to access the other services and opportunities already being delivered by St. Barbs Community Women in Action.