In 2016, Fight for Peace began running the Safer Communities Programme (SCP) in Cape Town, South Africa. The SCP uses collective impact methodology to integrate multiple services and actors in urban violence hotspots where capacity and resources are scarce. Via a local team based in Cape Town, Fight for Peace acts as a backbone organisation working alongside local stakeholders to collaborate on youth violence reduction programming.



The programme initiates, coordinates, strengthens and integrates youth violence reduction programming in three gang affected communities, Manenberg, Guguelethu and Delft.

All partnerships and activities developed are aligned to a shared agenda, employ shared metrics and are based on a shared Theory of Change.

In 2017, Safer Communities Programme activities directly impacted 540 young people and 137 adults.

Fight for Peace in South Africa

Fight for Peace has been active in Cape Town since 2013, when eight community organisations were selected to take part in our training programme. Additional two-year funding was subsequently raised for these partner organisations to receive support from Fight for Peace in organisational strengthening and initiating new projects based on the Five Pillars methodology. During this time, partners implemented new boxing and karate projects as well as life skills training programmes. They also received training from Fight for Peace in implementing and using Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL) systems and were given strategic planning and fundraising support.

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