Social Work For Development (SWD)

Location: Kathmandu, Nepal
Combat sport: Boxing and Martial Arts
Focus areas: Peace and non-violence, children and women at risk, forced migration, social work training and research
Established: 2010
Joined the FFP Alumni: December 2012
Contact: Prem Raj Upreti

The civil war in Nepal lasted 1996-2006 and left over 13,000 dead and internally displaced up to 150,000 others. As a result a generation of young people have grown up in context of conflict, division, international exclusion and psychological trauma. SWD works in Kathmandu and communities on the Nepal / India border which as well as suffering the after effects of the conflict also house communities where issues of migration, people-trafficking, drug use and criminality are very prevalent and disproportionately affect young people.

SWP offers a range of interventions designed to support young people and mobilise them to take control of their futures and play an active role in development. These include skills training, education support, awareness-raising on critical social issues, counselling and psycho-social support, and non-violence and conflict resolution projects. They also offer cricket-based programming because the General Secretary, Prem Raj Upreti, happens to be a former national cricketer.

Working with FFP, SWD is adding boxing and martial arts to their existing sports initiatives. This will help them reach new young people, and provide a different platform on which to engage them around issues, especially those related to violence and crime.