Skillshare International Botswana

Location: Dukwi Refugee Camp, Botswana
Combat sport: Boxing
Focus areas: Refugees, sustainable livelihoods, education
Established: 2011
Joined the FFP Alumni: December 2012
Contact: Tiny Healy
Website: Skillshare International

Botswana is widely considered to be one of the most prosperous and stable countries in Africa but it is situated in a region where conflict, instability and poverty is prevalent and therefore attracts many refugees. Six hundred kilometres north of the Botswana capital Gaborone is the Dukwi Refugee Camp, run by UNCHR. The camp is ‘home’ to approximately 3,500 refugees from across Africa including countries such as Angola, Somalia, Zimbabwe and the Great Lakes region where civil conflict has been severe. Some of the camp’s inhabitants have been there for 40 years, whilst the movement of refugees and asylum seekers for employment opportunities beyond the camp continues to be restricted by the encampment policy. In that environment issues of frustration and violence have emerged, especially amongst young people.

Skillshare International Botswana has 40 staff based at the camp and delivers a number of services aimed at supporting refugees to develop sustainable livelihoods, including: education, vocational training, income generating opportunities, developing leadership capability, building awareness around gender equality, domestic violence and sexual health, and lobbying Government to change its policy on the employment of refugees.

Skillshare International Botswana is working with FFP to develop a new boxing and martial arts project within the camp to target those young people who are not attending school or are involved in violence and other risky behaviours. Boxing and martial arts will be used to attract young people and open a dialogue with them, and support will be provided to help them to access other education and training opportunities that Skillshare International Botswana already delivers.