Seaview Enterprises

Location: North Belfast, Northern Ireland
Combat sport: Multiple combat sports
Focus areas: Education, sport, cross community work, crime reduction and peace building
Established: September 2009
Joined the FFP Alumni: July 2014
Contact: Bernard Thompson and Jayne Olorunda

Seaview Enterprises was set up to promote a shared sense of community in North Belfast, which has more interface areas between Catholic and Protestant communities than anywhere else in Northern Ireland. Seaview Enterprises is based in the Seaview football stadium which is shared by two teams, Crusaders FC and Newington YC, from opposing communities. The Seaview motto is ‘More Than a Club’, and the venue and the sports activities that are delivered there are symbolic of the progress made in NI since the official end of the conflict.

Activities delivered by Seaview include: workshops on suicide awareness, study skills, social enterprise training, community relations, diversity training, self-defence, nutrition, accredited Community Sports Leaders awards, and crime prevention programmes. These activities are delivered for / with a number of partners including: the PSNI (Police service of Northern Ireland), Strive consortium, Simon Community, Woman’s Aid, Belfast Trust, Pips, local schools, community and youth groups and many more. While working in mainly in North Belfast, Seaview’s work is gradually spreading into other areas of Belfast as well.

Seaview Enterprises are working with FFP to develop the way they use boxing and martial arts to add to their portfolio of services.