Sauti Kuu Foundation

Location: Kogelo, Western Kenya
Combat sport: Boxing
Focus areas: Culture, sports, education, employment.
Established: 2010
Joined the FFP Alumni: June 2013
Contact: Dan Joshua Oduor

Sauti Kuu (Powerful Voices) is a non–profit organization aimed at promoting development by helping young people to take advantage of educational, economic and cultural opportunities in their local communities. Using available local resources to generate an income and contribute toward the economic development of the organisation and the community, Sauti Kuu has proven that economic empowerment is a strong counter-influence to crime and violence.

Sauti Kuu is based in Kogelo, the rural part of Western Kenya. Working with young people in the rural schools and communities to improve opportunities, Sauti Kuu has also worked on an educational exchange programme to give disadvantaged rural youth the opportunity to exchanges views on city life with disadvantaged urban youth.

Sauti Kuu Foundation also uses sport as a platform and tool for social change in the community. They currently work in partnership with urban grassroots organizations and the rural schools to use sport to promote positive behaviour change in children and youth, as well as to identify and nurture their various sporting talents.

SKF would like to start a B&MA programme to target the out-of-school youth (in particular boys). Many are ‘boda-boda’ (informal motorbike taxi operators) who are often at-risk of being drawn into drugs, crime and violence as a result of their vulnerable employment. Such behaviour carries its own risks in rural Kenya where those caught committing petty crime are subject to brutal mob justice – a result of the underlying violence that prevails in the rural area.