Promoting youth leadership

We are a youth-centric organisation and involve young people in the development of all aspects of our work to ensure we are delivering services that suit their needs.

Fight for Peace Youth Councils are democratically elected groups of young people who act as representatives for the organisation and its members. Youth Councils act as intermediaries between young people and staff to ensure that the opinions of all participants are heard. They also participate in key institutional decisions such as the recruitment and selection process of new staff.

Meet the Fight for Peace Rio Academy’s Youth Council:



Nova Holanda Academy
Líllen Aguiar

Olympic Wrestling

Nova Holanda Academy
Jonas Cheyman

Muay Thai

Nova Holanda Academy
Maria do Socorro
Monique Ribeiro


Nova Holanda Academy
Ewerton Leandro
Vitor Lima


Nova Holanda Academy
Tamires Santana
Thayane Valle


Nova Holanda Academy
Raissa Rodrigues