Fight for Peace was founded in Complexo da Maré, Rio de Janeiro in 2000 to provide an alternative for young people to involvement in drug-related crime and violence. Maré is composed of 16 favelas and is home to over 130,000 people. It ranks 137th in the Rio de Janeiro Sustainable and Social Development Index, with young people aged 16-29 years old being disproportionately impacted by its high levels of violence and social inequality. Fight for Peace provides a safe environment where young people receive the support and opportunities we all need to thrive.


We support young people across Complexo da Maré via our Academy.

We provide multi-disciplinary support services including access to social workers, mentors, psychologists and legal aid.

We support young people into employment through our employability service.


Complexo da Maré is one of the biggest complexes of favelas in Rio de Janeiro and comprises of 17 communities and approximately 132,000 inhabitants. Young people growing up in Maré face high levels of poverty, limited public services, social and economic exclusion and human rights abuses. Maré has suffered decades of drug related violence due to the presence of all three of the city’s drug factions and an armed militia group.

Meet the Fight for Peace Rio Academy’s Youth Council