Realising potential at Alliance partner Sporting Chance

30/02/2020 – Sporting Chance, a member of the Fight for Peace Alliance, is an organisation dedicated to empowering people through sport to gain qualifications, achieve employment, and build social skills. There is a particular focus at the organisation on providing a supportive, inviting environment for all.

Attracted to the welcoming atmosphere, Gabriel* came to Sporting Chance at 16, where he joined the education programme to gain recognised qualifications. Jamie, Managing Director at Sporting Chance, explains that while Gabriel was always academic, he struggled with low confidence. Now two years into the programme, Gabriel has gained his Level 2 Gym Instructor award along with Maths and English qualifications. The biggest transformation, however, has been in Gabriel’s self-confidence.

Getting involved in boxing was a big turning point for Gabriel and it had a massive impact on his self-development. “Just the thought of interacting with someone else was a bit of a fear even”, explains Jamie “[but now] you can see the confidence of him”. With the support of Sporting Chance, Gabriel has been working hard on gaining his qualifications as well as employability skills and has had a good spell of work placements. He was so successful at his most recent apprenticeship that he was offered a full-time position upon completion.

With this support and increase in confidence, Gabriel has not only realised he can excel at a job, but that he can be career minded. He has since decided to focus his career aspirations on becoming a Police Officer. Gabriel is keeping up his fitness by training five times a week with aspirations of competing in boxing next season, and he continues to learn and develop to support his new career interest as much as he can.

Sporting Chance has been involved with the Fight for Peace Alliance for two years, both as a part of the Creating Pathways programme, and as a valuable contributor to the sharing of knowledge and expertise among partners. Most recently, Jamie used his experience with fundraising to host a seminar on the topic for Alliance partners.

As a result, the group of fellow Alliance partners attending all secured funding for the awards the seminar focused on. This collaborative knowledge and skill sharing is the foundation upon which the Fight for Peace Alliance is based.

*The name of this young person has been changed to protect their privacy.