Fokrul Islam is a shining example of how Fight for Peace helps young people to realise their potential. Having showed great dedication and talent in completing sport and education programmes at the London Academy, Fokrul has recently embarked on an exciting new career as a Youth Worker with Tower Hamlets Council.

The positive influence of Fight for Peace’s Assistant Education Coordinator, Alex Brown, has been particularly important to Fokrul. Alex became a mentor to Fokrul through both the Pathways programme and later when Fokrul began to volunteer at Fight for Peace. Talking about the significance of this guidance, Fokrul said:

“I saw the way Alex worked and how he was helping a lot of people and that inspired me to get where I am today.”

The range of professional experience Fokrul was able to build up through volunteering and outreach at Fight for Peace, has helped him excel in his new role where he works with young people in Tower Hamlets exposed to gang violence. In particular, Fokrul talks enthusiastically about the power of sport to engage with energetic young people who can use their power and strength positively to achieve their ambitions.

Fokrul has ambitions of his own and, while he looks to the future, he remains very much a part of the Fight for Peace family:

“At Fight for Peace everybody wants to help, no matter what race you are, what colour you are, what religion you are; it’s like one big family”, he said.