Fight for Peace officially launches the Pan-Newham Partnership

23/04/2020 – Fight for Peace has officially launched the Pan-Newham Partnership, a collaboration between organisations working with children, young people and families in the borough of Newham, east London.

The creation of the partnership recognises the broader impact organisations can have when they work together, with participating Pan-Newham partners representing different areas within the youth sector. The partnership brings together specialists in mental and sexual health, community centres, creative, arts and sports organisations, statutory bodies and health and voluntary sector partners.

By building strong relationships, and sharing resources and expertise, Pan-Newham Partnership members are able to provide more joined up, holistic support to young people living in the local community.

“When we work together, we are far greater than the sum of our parts,” said Fight for Peace Pan-Newham Programme Manager Rachel Henry. “There is an urgent need for a collective approach like this and we are delighted to be working with these incredible organisations to deliver the best possible support for young people in Newham.”

Participating organisations communicate regularly and meet every six weeks to share training, insights and resources, develop strong referral pathways and discuss live case studies. Fight for Peace is an active member of the Pan-Newham Partnership while also coordinating collective activities and facilitating the exchange of resources.

During the current COVID-19 pandemic, Pan-Newham Partnership organisations are collaborating in a number of ways. This has included sharing policies and best practice on working online with young people, sharing online training, and developing an online resource with information on where to signpost young people for specific support.

Prior to the official launch of the partnership, and before the outbreak of coronavirus, participating organisations had completed three preliminary one-day training workshops. These sessions covered a range of topics including: approaches to youth violence prevention, adverse child experiences and trauma responsive casework, working together as a partnership, and using monitoring, evaluation and learning to measure impact and enable on-going improvement.

“Being involved in the Pan-Newham Partnership workshops has given us as an organisation so much,” explained Becky Dawson from Headstart Newham. “We now have a solid understanding of adverse child experiences and trauma informed work which will shape our practice, but the most important aspect of the work is that it has brought so many different members of the community together with a common goal of safeguarding our young people and working together to support their wellbeing and reduce violence in the borough.”

Current participants in the Pan-Newham Partnership include Active Newham, Alternatives Trust East London, Asta Community Hub, Community Links, Detached Youth Work Team, Diesel Gym, East London Dance, Fight for Peace, Headstart, Newham School Health Team, Royal Docks Learning and Activity Centre, Shine Sexual Health Service, Skills For Growth, West Silvertown Foundation, and the Youth Offending Service.

If you are interested in finding out more or joining the partnership, please contact Rachel at