North Belfast Area Project

Location: North Belfast, Northern Ireland
Focus areas: Education, reducing antisocial behaviour, employment and training, building community awareness, citizenship, raising aspirations, Health & Wellbeing, Leadership & Democracy, sport.
Established: 1991
Joined the FFP Alumni: July 2014
Contact: Mark McBride

The North Belfast Area Project (NBAP) has been in existence since the early 1990’s and through its steering group comprises a partnership with all local youth related organisations. NBAP is a team of 10 youth workers, created as a strategic response to youth related issues by the Belfast Education and Library Board. In North Belfast there are several communities listed in the city’s top ten for multiple deprivation and income deprivation. In addition the 20+ interfaces between rival communities tend to attract large groups of marginalised young people who then spill over into the nearby parks. This has the effect of magnifying specific issues in fixed locations at particular times of the year. The role of the NBAP youth workers is to effectively create and deliver services to young people in areas of greatest need.

NBAP works in a number of ways including: dialogue on the street corner, relationship building through activities, group work, working with emerging gang culture, delivery in youth centres, and school-based programming. They have also delivered a wide range of programmes including youth leadership, youth councils, mentoring, education support, training, resource libraries, volunteer development, and capacity building of partner agencies.

NBAP are looking to develop boxing and martial arts based approaches to working with those young people that are not currently accessing provision in existing places such as youth centres and schools. They will be working with partners including Police Service NI, Youth Justice Agency, and Rathbone to ensure their programmes are integrated and effective in working with the target group of young people.