No matter what your talent is, never give up on it

18/07/2017 – Anthony Ariri believes strongly in positive thinking and the importance of graft and sacrifice in pursuing your dreams. He also credits boxing, fitness and mentoring support with helping him to gain the confidence and self discipline to succeed in life and in his growing music career. Here Anthony shares his views on life and his goals for the future and tells us what he thinks sets Fight for Peace apart:

I have lived here in North Woolwich my whole life and I got introduced to Fight for Peace over five years ago. I kept hearing about it, about the facilities, about how positive it is, how the people are here to help and obviously aim to get you physically fitter and mentally fitter. When I did finally come I just fell in love with it.

I started doing gym and then I gradually eased my way into boxing too. Boxing helps me if I am having a low day and also I have made lots of friends here. Fight for Peace is a family unit and I look forward to coming here to train, not only to get physically fit and get in shape but also the company, the trainers who encourage you, it’s like a family bond.

Boxing got me fitter but also 100% made me a more confident person. Physically it makes you more confident but it also makes you mentally fitter too. And for me, I would say that mentally is the main thing. We all have good and bad days but with exercise you feel positive and deal with those demons that may be lurking inside you. You may be feeling a certain way and want to get away from things and when you do boxing you just feel more positive and it’s weird but exercise actually gives you more energy. It is something I crave, it is such an important and integral part of my life; you have so much energy to execute what you have to execute and you can utilise your days in the right way.

The lessons that I have learned through boxing have also been important in other parts of my life, 100%. In terms of discipline and also doing things at a certain time as well because sometimes you can lay things off and think I’ll do that the next day but time waits for no man and you have to make sure that you utilise your time, especially your youth. Just seeing Anthony Joshua’s picture inside the gym at Fight for Peace and thinking about where he has come from and what he has done, it’s a reminder that anything is possible.There are so many lessons that can be learned from boxing and gym in general about taking charge of your own life and not allowing things to fall by the wayside. You are in charge of it, I think sometimes we allow our environment to mould us but we are in control of everything so if you are not happy with your life and your career goals you can change it.

The mentoring at Fight for Peace has also been really positive for me. I think sometimes you don’t want to talk about things that you are dealing with to every Tom, Dick and Harry but just checking every month and just saying ‘are you alright?’ is really important. When we do have a conversation with someone we understand the benefits. You may feel that whatever you are going through you are going through alone but it’s not the case, there is always someone to give you advice and give their opinion almost like a big brother in some way to let you know right from wrong, what you should be doing, the right decisions to make. Life is hard but there is always a light at the end of the tunnel, so they are really important those talks which makes Fight for Peace a lot different.

Music is my main thing now, it is what I do, and it has been going really well so far. I got signed for a two song deal and both of those songs are now on iTunes and Spotify and one was used by Gennady GGG Golovkin for a promo video for his fight with Kell Brook which is insane! I think especially with Hip hop, the type of music I do, it’s about overcoming your hardships and being relatable to people who are going through the same thing and never giving up on your dream because that is what life is all about, we wake up every day because of a dream and we are all working towards something.

It’s about holding on to something dear and not letting anything or anyone get in between that and never giving up on your dream no matter what it is and so that is the message that I always try to portray in my music. Also, I think it’s crucial to avoid becoming a product of your environment. I think that a lot of times when young people are growing up there is a voice in their head where they know they are not meant to be doing something but they don’t want to buck the trend and they want to fit in and be part of something. I think a lot of people can feel isolated, particularly if they come from single parent families, and that is where I think Fight for Peace intervenes and puts that little incentive for people to stay on track which is very important.

No one just wakes up and has things given to them, you have to graft in life for everything you want which makes it more worthwhile and makes it more meaningful. I believe in the laws of attraction so if you are a positive person inside, you are going to get that back tenfold. No matter what your talent is, never give up on it.