Organisations Unite to Make Masks for communities in Kingston  

03/06/2020 – As part of the UP Unity & Peace programme in Kingston, Jamaica, Fight for Peace recently teamed up with the Kingston Creative and the C.B. Facey Foundation to encourage mask production aimed at protecting against COVID-19 transmission.

The project saw local artisans employed to make the masks, with nine seamstresses and one tailor contracted to make 1,000 masks to be distributed across 10 communities.

The project, which was made possible through funding provided by the C.B. Facey Foundation and Fight for Peace (through its ongoing project with UNICEF), had the objectives of increasing the supply of masks, promoting the wearing of masks, and supporting the businesses of creative entrepreneurs from downtown Kingston.

The C.B. Facey Foundation, the charitable arm of PanJam Investment Limited, supports initiatives grounded in the Arts. “With this project led by Kingston Creative, we saw the two-pronged opportunity for impact,” explained Anna Ward from the C.B. Facey Foundation. “It provides an opportunity for artisans to work during a time when earnings are curtailed, while also impacting the communities in downtown Kingston whose realities do not allow for social distancing.”

“This project with Kingston Creative has allowed us to help seamstresses and tailors in our communities to become part of the solutions,” said Kellie Magnus, Fight for Peace Country Lead in Jamaica. “Five creatives from our communities are making masks for families who need them. It’s very much in keeping with how we work, finding the right partners who can help our young people realise their own potential.”

This project typifies the collective approach which is at the heart of the UP Unity & Peace programme in Kingston, with organisations and groups coming together to meet the needs of communities during very challenging times.