Nepal Breakdance Foundation (NBF)

Location: Kathmandu, Nepal
Combat sport: Capoeira
Focus areas: Post-conflict communities, exclusion, education and personal development
Established: 2008
Joined the FFP Alumni: December 2012
Contact: Miki Tsewang

The civil war in Nepal lasted 1996-2006 and left over 13,000 dead and internally displaced up to 150,000 others. As a result, a generation of young people have grown up in context of conflict, division, international exclusion and psychological trauma. Although the country is now at peace, there is still division, and complicated issues of resettlement, demilitarisation and integration of former Maoist soldiers and their families.

The NBF provides a safe, welcoming and inspiring environment for young people affected by the conflict to express themselves and participate in group activities. Through breakdance they grow in confidence, and at the same time the NBF provides messages and activities that help combat risky behaviour such as drug abuse, street violence and gang membership. Many of NBF’s break dancers also train as performers, competitors and instructors who work in schools and with other youth groups to promote NBF values and can earn an income for themselves and their families as B-boys and B-girls.

Working with FFP, NBF are bringing Capoeira to Nepal for the first time, and in future Muay Thai also. Capoeira provides a bridge between dance and martial arts and will help NBF to broaden its appeal, especially to young people who are most affected by violence. As well as establishing Capoeira activities, NBF will also expand its personal development activities and also hopes to launch an accelerated education programme based on the FFP new pathways model in Rio and London.