Nari Uddug Kendra (NUK)

Location: Mohammadpur, Bangladesh
Combat sport: Karate
Focus areas: Promotion of gender equality, human rights and empowerment of women and girls
Established: 1991
Joined the FFP Alumni: December 2012
Contact: Mashuda Khatun

In Bangladesh over half the population live under the poverty line. For women and girls economic hardship is compounded by profound patriarchy and gender stereotypes including forced and early marriage, access to education, labour rights and equality. NUK (Centre for Women’s Initiatives) is dedicated to the personal and political empowerment of women and girls across the country and particularly in the context of their work with FFP, reducing the incidence of domestic and gender based violence.

Established in 1991, NUK is led by Mashuda Khatun Shefali who has nearly thirty years of experience in the field of gender equality and human rights are widely regarded as a world-leader in women’s empowerment. NUK has a team of 300 staff, and delivers projects such as gender and human rights training, for all PE teachers and students, stipends for female teachers, micro-finance programmes and literacy and numeracy courses, NUK also do gender dimensions research and advocacy with public and private sports agencies for promotion of women in sports and breaking the silence of low or no women in national sports events. They have also ensured that ‘women’s wings’ have been established in every sports federation in Bangladesh for the first time.

NUK have a well-established school and community based Karate programme and they are working with FFP to consolidate the programme by establishing a gender curriculum that can be delivered alongside the martial arts. They will also develop a nationwide expansion strategy to deliver ‘fight for rights’ programming in every school in the country with partnership with NGOs, CSOs and sports federations.