My first year at Fight for Peace

I remember sitting at home last January preparing for my first interview, reading through all of the information on Fight for Peace (FFP) and being taken aback by the range of services that FFP offers and the continued success it has achieved. Being here and seeing everything FFP does first hand is even more impressive – the Academy is such an inspiring place.

My job as Fundraising and Development Manager is to consistently generate as much income for the organisation as possible to ensure that FFP can continue to provide its holistic range of services to young people, and hopefully generate enough income to enable us to expand. I build and maintain relationships with charitable trusts and foundations, companies and individuals to both obtain and retain their support. With so many charitable organisaitons doing great work it may seem like a tall order to keep generating higher amounts of income, but if I can’t get people excited about supporting FFP, they’re not going to be excited about anything!

Having been here a year I still can’t get over the varied range of support that FFP staff provide to young people accessing the project, as well as their willingness to go to great lengths to help individuals in any way possible. The dedication of FFP’s staff is only bettered by the great accomplishments of young people coming to FFP. Over the last year I’ve seen young people join the project lacking qualifications, confidence and aspirations who go on to charm the Chancellor of the Exchequer and a host of other high profile individuals at No.11 Downing Street in a matter of months, or gain qualifications and enter into meaningful employment in record time. FFP proves that with the right support young people can do anything. Their potential is limitless.

So, what stands out for me in my first year? Being a part of a team that has: raised record levels of income, delivered a great event at No.11 Downing Street, broadened the way in which we fundraise, raised significant funds towards our building project? No. It’s the same thing that shone through when I did my initial research into the organisation before I joined and that has been brought to life since being here; FFP’s relentless desire to reach more young people, and provide them with the skills and support they need to be the very best they can be. I’ve greatly enjoyed by first year, but will be working as hard as possible to make my second and third year even better.